Smallholder Agrofood Contracting for Food Security, Poverty Reduction, and Sustainability in China

Place: China • Date: 2013 • Partner: FAO 

Project Summary

China comprises, now and for the foreseeable future, about one fifth of humanity. At the same time, the country’s borders encompass only 7% of world’s arable land and 5% of renewable fresh water resources. These macro conditions reveal the overarching risks to the food security of the world’s second largest economy, and have implications for global agrofood resources as well. In this research, we examine the potential to increase China’s food productivity through new technology adoption via contracting mechanisms. This approach is intended to achieve three objectives:

  1. Enhance national food security by introduction of agricultural technologies that extend growing seasons.
  2. Advance the livelihoods of the rural poor but using contracting to facilitate technology transfer, higher yields, and smallholder market access.
  3. Promote sustainable development by increasing water and other input use efficiency.

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