Regional Development and Economic Integration in China

Place: China • Date: 2005 • Partner: World Bank, DRC

Project Summary

After two decades or so of rapid economic development since the beginning of reform and opening up, the Chinese economy has entered a new and dynamic period of development. During this period, China will have important strategic opportunities for its economic development and all the economic and social tensions will be prominent. If China can seize these opportunities, overcome the difficulties in advance, solve the problems arising from development and maintain rapid economic growth, its economic strength and its overall national strength will move to a new high and the living standard of its people will rise to a new level.

The development of the Chinese economy in the future will face a changing internal and external environment as well as various opportunities and challenges. Due to the interaction of these uncertain factors, the economic development will also have great uncertainties. Selecting different development strategies will lead to different development results. This project, jointly sponsored by the World Bank and the Development Research Center of the State Council (PRC), supported development at the provincial level with a new generation of empirical decision tools, Social Accounting Matrices (SAMs) and Computable General Equilibrium Models (CGEs).

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