Assessment of Smallholder Indigenous Poultry Producer Viability After HPAI in Cambodia

Place: Cambodia • Dates: 2008-2009 • Partner: FAO

The purpose of this project was to produce an assessment of poultry supply chain conditions in the Kampot and Siem Reap market cachement areas. This was done with detailed and separate surveys at four levels; producers, traders, vendors, and consumers. Modeled on the surveys already undertaken in Viet Nam and Thailand, this work was designed to elucidate production conditions, market access, contractual relationships, and consumer preferences and consumer willingness to pay, with an emphasis on these factors in light of recent HPAI outbreaks.

Taken together, these results served to inform policy initiatives to improve incentives for higher poultry quality (including health status) and higher value added at each stage of the supply chain. As in other case studies of the Mekong region, this activity produced recommendations for sustainable market participation by smallholder poultry producers. These include, but are not be limited to, programs for micro-credit and technology transfer, certified supply chains, and contract farming programs for bio-secure production of traditional bird varieties. In addition to reducing HPAI risk and the economic vulnerability of rural poor farmers, these recommendations strive to increase product quality, safety and revenue across the traditional bird supply chain.

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