Growing Season Temperatures and Rainfall

Long Term Food Security in Developing Asia

Place: Asia • Dates: 2012 • Partner: FAO

Recent food price volatility reminds us that Asia remains vulnerable to food insecurity, yet the region has very substantial unrealized agrifood potential. More more determined policy action will be necessary to realize this potential and secure the livelihoods of both rural and urban poor people in the region. This report offers an up-to-date overview of the issues of agricultural capacity and food security in Asia, highlighting the region’s many accomplishments as well as emergent risks. Based on our assessment of initial conditions, we apply a dynamic forecasting model to evaluate scenarios representing both external shocks and proactive policy responses to improve regional food security. Overall, our results strongly support the view that investments in productivity can realize the vast agrifood potential of the region, keep pace with rapid demand growth in resource-intensive foods, and facilitate regional convergence by promoting more equal income growth across Asia. When this process is facilitated by more widespread regional i supply chian integration and policies to reduce administrative and structural trade barriers, the benefits are much greater.

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