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Training Course on Economic Assessment Methods for Policy Support of Climate Change Adaptation in the Agricultural Sector in Lao PDR

Instructors: Drew Behnke, David Roland-Holst, Sam Heft-Neal

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This course offers a comprehensive introduction to the theory and practice of climate risk assessment, with emphasis on Lao PDR’s economy and agriculture. The course will combine theoretical and empirical material with the latest data and software resources, training participants to assess climate risk and communicate their findings effectively. Upon completion of the course, participants will have state-of-the-art decision tools to assess the economic impacts of climate change on natural resources and Lao PDR’s food supply.

Course Syllabus

Morning Lectures

Lecture 1: Review syllabus and discussion of project

Lecture 2: Overview of economic modeling of climate change and climate data

Lecture 3: Using Regression Analysis to Model Climate Risk

Lecture 4: Climate Risk Assessment and Communication

Afternoon Workshops

Workshop 1: Introduction to statistical computing [Slides]

Workshop 1: Introduction to statistical computing [Code]

Workshop 2: Working with climate data [Code]

Workshop 3: Example analyses [Code]

Workshop 4: Results presentation [Code]


Report on Climate Risk to Rice Sector in Lao PDR

Workshop Materials - Day 1 (Workshops 1 and 2)

Workshop Materials - Day 2 (Workshops 3 and 4)